Your Most Meaningful Mother’s Day Ever

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. If your mom is like most, out of all the beautiful cards you’ve ever gotten her the one she cherishes most is scribbled in childish crayon with a smudge in the corner, and she’s saved it since you were 5. Of all the nice gifts you’ve given her, the one that still brings the biggest smile is likely some lopsided clay thingy that you made with your own pudgy fingers when you were a kid. After reading this article I hope you’ll give your mom a gift that will be truly remarkable for a different kind of reason. Here at “The Inn” we have many moms who also love their children fiercely, but their life circumstances make it very difficult for them to keep their kids safe and healthy, let alone happy and carefree. I would like to challenge you to make a difference for these moms, by supporting our work in honor of your mom. And, beginning next Saturday we will be devoting an article on the front page of our website, as well as an article in our summer newsletter, sharing what you were inspired to do to honor your mother (see the final paragraph for more details).

There are many ways to do this – make a monetary donation in your mom’s name. Volunteer some time to help accomplish our work – again in your mom’s name. Do a drive with your friends and co-workers – we have needs for supplies ranging from food, cleaning supplies, office supplies, diapers, and more. Even more fun? Do something in your mom’s honor related to one of our summer fundraisers.

Chris Hope, a beloved local son and renowned NFL veteran, is donating all proceeds from his annual iCHOPE Charity Basketball Game on May 19, to support our programs. The players will include Chris as well as many other famous NFL players, some who have local ties and others from around the country. Buy a ticket and take your mom to the game, or buy a bloc of tickets and take the neighborhood kids with you, all in her name, or donate a bloc of tickets to Pilgrims’ Inn in her name so that our clients and kids can attend.

Is your mother a lady golfer? Sign her up for our 13th annual Irish Open Golf Tournament. She doesn’t golf? Sponsor a hole in the tournament. Hole sponsors have signs erected at each of the holes to advertise their business, etc. (about the size of a real estate yard sign). Sponsor a hole and display a sign telling the world that your mom is one in a million.

The moms we serve face some of the most daunting challenges you can imagine – poverty, health problems, mental health problems, lack of education, lack of transportation. Many of them have been traumatized in a variety of life tragedies. Some of them have been brutalized by the very people they should have been able to trust the most. Yet I see them fight to make a better life for their own children with such courage, and integrity, and determination. Make this your Most Meaningful Mother’s Day Ever by supporting these moms (and their families) in their journey to stability and independence.

To learn more about the above events, to learn how to make donations or volunteer, or to get more ideas, go to or call us at 803-327-4227.


Beginning next Saturday and throughout the month of June on our website, we will be posting an article that lists the ways that any of you choose to honor your mothers.  We will also include the list in our summer newsletter.  Be sure to let us know when a donation or action you’ve taken to support us is in her name.  Add a brief sentence or two explaining why she is so special.  We will help you share your love for her in a special way.

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